Are You Ready to Switch from Windows Into the Linux Desktop
Are You Ready to Switch from Windows Into the Linux Desktop? These coupons might sway your opinion.

Are you ready to switch to a Linux laptop?

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You may not realize that the Linux operating system permeates aspects of your online life already. Most websites you visit are hosted on servers that run the Linux OS. In fact, most hosting providers offer promotional pricing for Linux hosting on’s website, for example) as opposed to Windows hosting. Many smartphones use at least some form of Linux code, and smart technology like smart-fridges and smartwatches tend to use aspects of the Linux OS.

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There are many reasons on why Windows users might want to stay with the same operating system and that is mainly because of the familiar environment and the fact that they are used to using the same operating system for years and any change seems unpleasant.

However, moving to the Linux-based system is relatively easy now. The Linux operating system is very easy to install and use, and the developers and made it in such a fashion that it would mimic the Windows Operating system so that the users would feel at home when it comes to shifting from their traditional Windows operating system to the new Linux OS. Several linux-based laptops are competitively priced, and sometimes even cheaper than regular laptops.

But are you ready for the shift? Here are a few pointers that will help you better understand if you are ready to shift from windows into the Linux desktop.  First let’s have a look at the Linux Desktop software.

The reasons that are holding you back

1. The branding and quality from Microsoft. Microsoft is indeed an influential brand when it comes to its operating system and users trust it because of its years of influence in the market as a top brand.

2. The familiarity of the environment while using the Microsoft OS.

3. Unsure if all the software they need will work with the Linux OS or not.

4. Confusion due to unfamiliarity with the OS which might result in a few initial days of exploration which may be intimidating to non-techies.

Are you ready for the change?

Here are a few reasons why you might actually want to change your OS to Linux:

1. Security: One of the most important reasons is that the Linux systems might be regarded as Virus free.

2. The speed of the system: Linux systems are much faster than the systems using Microsoft OS.

3. Customization: In Linux, you can change almost everything to suit your preferences and needs. There are many examples of different kind of changes on various threads and forums and within a matter of few minutes, you can have a Linux OS looking completely different from the default one that came in the box.

4. You can even try the Linux demo which can easily come in a DVD or Pendrive and it can be viewed without changing the current OS of the laptop just to see if the demo really makes you feel like changing over to the Linux OS.

5. Dual boot with Windows: you can install both the operating systems and have them running side by side without any issues.

6. The Linux OS has the ability to run all the software that you were currently using on Windows OS.

7. Ease of maintenance. Linux is easy to maintain and updates your Linux systems without any hassle.