New Linux Malware Could be a Huge Problem
New Linux Malware Could be a Huge Problem

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Linux generally known by everyone as the safest operating system is turning out to be a misconception. If you are wondering to migrate to a Linux-based system (like Mac) or your hosting your own website on a Linux-based hosting plan, then don’t deceive yourself by assuming it to be completely malware free. Previously, Apple used to brag about Mac’s being virus free but after encountering a huge rise in malware attacks it has removed it’s content that said “They are virus free”. In this fast and highly connected world, hardly anything is safe from malware attack. Long gone are the times when Linux was the most secure operating system and because of these high risk of attacks, even Red Hat has removed the label of “secure and virus free” from Linux.

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In the recent studies conducted by Norton’s research department, there is evidence of Linux being infected by malware. As per the study, they outlined three major problem in Linux.

Which are listed below

*The Trojan collects information about the infected computer and further transferring it to command and control server.
*Then cryptocurrency mining utility is downloaded and launched.
*Subsequently attacking other computers of the network and installing its own copy on them.

How to stay safe

1) Malware infection is a big concern so the best practice would be to keep your system up to date. It is recommended to check your system for updates once every fortnight.  If not, at least keep your kernel updated.

2) Don’t get lured by open WiFi networks ,they can turn out to be a big threat.  These days its quite easy with the help of right software and wireless setup tools to track down into unencrypted WiFi traffic. A virtual private network would serve as the best source of defense when you are away from secured networks.

3) I would recommend you installing and running firewalls in Linux .They can be great when it comes to outsiders sneaking into your network and establishing unwanted connections.

4) Running Antivirus scans regularly can prove to be useful.

Yet a sensible advise would be to keep a backup of your data. Even if the things turn out to be worse, you would still have your data safely and securely backed up. Though Linux is authentic and upright but still it is not completely immune from malware attacks as evident from recent studies. By following these measures and guidelines, you can ensure safe and secure Linux system.Stay safe and secure.